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Personal and Professional Assets Extended Trainings  
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The official Faculty of Social Politics of Airlangga State University, Surabaya, Indonesia. This site with other faculties in University, was awarded 'The Most Favourite University Site' by Tempo Online Magazine. The award has received in August 16 1998. More detail obout this, please read email that informed about award for us (webmasters)

This site apart from Faculty of Social and Politics, Airlangga State University, Surabaya.

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- Working perfectly with all kind of people with strong motivation

- Managing other people better, delegating responsibility, motivating to increase productivity

- Ability to operate computer, including knowledge in internet and html programming language (html), and web programs: MS Frontpage; Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks; cgi and java scripts; and Adobe Photoshop;

- Mastery in English language

- Communicating by listening with empathy and proposing ideas clearly

- Accomplishing several works in strictly limited time; working well under stressful conditions

- Creating innovations and creativity in problem solving and decision making

- Personally, I am reliable, enthusiastic, careful, prefer to learn more, honest and loyal to the superior

Development Institute (Institut Pembangunan)
-May-June 1999,
Training of export and import procedures

Petra Christian University and PT Surya Mitra Internet, Surabaya
- July 1998,
Training of MS Frontpage 98 Program and basic html

PT Surya Citra Televisi and Department of Education and Culture, Indonesia, Surabaya
- 1996,
Training for application of Bahasa Indonesia in proper and reliable way

Airlangga State University, Surabaya
- May 1992,
Student Leadership and Management Training (LKMM)

Moslem Student Association (HMI), Surabaya
- June 1992, Training Management School (SPLK)
- Feb 1992, Intermediate Leadership and Management - Training (LK II)
- Nov 1991, Basic Leadership and Management Training (LK I)
(All of these trainings were aimed to develop leadership and management skill)

Professional Experiences Military Training  

SAM Design, Surabaya
Web and Graphic Design Firm
April 1999 - present
- Creating a homepage

One of the leading televisions in Indonesia
Dec 1995 - Dec 1999
Promo Production Assistant
- Designing concept and strategy for launching new programs
- Trained to cooperate in teamwork to achieve one goal
- Trained to work hard with the pressure to accomplish a job under strictly limiting deadline
- Working as copywriter Working with high creativity

Personal Busines with My Companion Friends, Surabaya
August 1992 - July 1996
Private Teaching for SD, SMP, SMA students
- Guiding and motivating them to study more efficiently
- Increasing their achievements to be included in the best-ten
- Bringing them to be accepted in well qualified (states and favourite) school
August 1992
English Translating Editor

The leading company in field of direct selling business in the world
- Developing wide network
- Developing communicative skill Increasing personality development

One of leading company in Indonesia in field of marketing research
July - Sept 1994
Marketing Research Interviewer
- Researching Surabayan life-style
- Researching potential market for a electronics good in Surabaya

One of the biggest cigarette producer in Indonesia
Feb - March 1994
Marketting Research Interviewer
- Member of the researcher team that researched market potential to prepare launcing a new product

Oldest and distinguished press company in Surabaya
1988 - 1990
Correspondent for Educational Coloum "Tut Wuri Handayani"
- Practising ability to work under pressure and strictly limited time

Military Academy (AKABRI), Jakarta
June - July 1994
Senior Cadet Integration Training (LATSITARDA) NUSANTARA XV in Lampung
(The training train to increase disciplinary and leadership)

Organizational Experiences
Communications Science Student Association, Surabaya
1992 - 1993
- The First Deputy
Islamic Development Activity (UKKI), UNAIR, Surabaya
1991 - 1992
- Public Relations and Publication Officer
Islamic Student Association (HMI), UNAIR
1991 - 1992
- Public Relations and Publication Officer
Student Journalist Assocation, Surabaya
(under guidance of Surabaya Post)
1989 - 1990
- The First Deputy
Special Awards
Teacher Association (PGRI) and Kartini Magazine, Jakarta 1990
- The #1 Winner all Indonesia School Displayed Newspaper Competition (as Chief of Editor)

Bogor Institute of Agricultural and Environment Ministry, Bogor
March 1989
- The #4 Winner all Indonesia Scientific Writing Competition on Environment

Jawa Pos Daily, Surabaya
- The #1 Winner all East Java School Displayed Newspaper Competition (as Chief of Editor)

Muhammadiyah University and Jawa Pos Daily, Surabaya
Nov 1988
- The #1 Winnner all Gerbangkertasusila Writing Competition on Environment
Extracurricular Activities
- Actively involved in campus press
- Actively involved in Islamic development activities in campus
- Membership of Javanese traditional art and dance organization
- Membership of organization concerning with environmental activities
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Airlangga State University, Surabaya
Communications Science, Graduate Degree
- Thesis:
"Advertising and Public Economic
Conditions : Content Analysis of Classified Advertisement Surabaya Post Daily 1967 and 1994 Edition"

For his achievement was got fellowship from Supersemar Foundation who was founded by the reformer President of Indonesia, HM Soeharto
- Executive chairman of 'Al Hidayah' Mosque, SCTV, and involved atively in Islamic activities
- Official homepage designer and programmer of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Airlangga State University (
- Designer and programmer of "Sobat Kental",
a site for developing friendship around the world (, and several other homepages
- Actively writing, comments in some mailing lists, including UNAIR ML (
Personal Data  
- Place and Date of Birth :
Surabaya, December 29th, 1970
- Marital Status : Singel
- Religion : Moslem
- Health : Excellent
- Height / Weight : 1.63 m / 65 kgs
- Hobies : Reading & Writing, internet, swimming

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